Favourite reports for monthly reports


They say that a business is "not a product of circumstances. but of decisions"

No decision should be made without facts and your point of sale software has lots of facts.  We have hundreds of reports, more then any other system I know.

So here is a tip, organise the reports you want in your favourite folder, these are all the reports that you want to run regularly so you can find them when you require.


Point of Sale Software favourite reports

All you have to do is right-click on the reports, then this will put it in your Favourites Section.

Soon all your favourite reports are there one page, so there is no more going from a screen to another screen as all your favourite reports are in one convenient place!

It is easy then to add more reports or take out a report that you no longer need (just right click on the report in favourite and then click remove).

Using our software you have a unique ability to quickly design a smart list just for yourselves of reports so allowing you to increase your overall productivity.


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