ereaders now in 2010 and 2011

I predict in 2011, two huge computer companies will be fighting over the Australian market for ereaders - Google Android and Apple iPad.

Already it has generated much interest. Here is a chart of the Australian public searches last two years of the four top ereader systems in Australia iPad, Android, kindle and kobo.

As you can see interest in this sort of technology has dramatically increased. Expect this Christmas rush on them and next year a dramatic price fall as other companies like HP, HTC and Dell come with their Android products not to mention the cheaper Chinese and Indian products.

This must have an effect on traditional newsagency lines. So I do suggest that newsagents now look very carefully at their product lines, in particular, expansion in such lines like stationery, e.g. inkjet cartridges and technology products like phone rechargers. If you are interested in these sort of technologies, please contact us as our software can help you here considerably.