XChangeIT needs a messaging system

I had a discussion a few days ago with an officer from one of the major magazine distributors. He pointed out quite correctly I thought, that often newsagents do not take into account when a big advertising campaign is occurring with a particular magazine.

I stated that the problem is that newsagents are often not aware of this major advertising campaign for a publication sometimes because they rarely have time to see TV and often as it has not happened yet. As such newsagents are often taken completely by surprise, are unprepared and so much of the advertising is wasted.

What is required is some notification, for which XChangeIT would be useful to send a message that could be imported into the newsagent's computerised diary in his software. When the product arrives, our software would warn the person doing stock receiving that a major advertising campaign was about or was happening with this magazine.

Knowing this a newsagent could take better advantage of this mass market advertising and maximise their sales by properly displaying the product.

It would also be good if this note contained details on the product as many newsagents may want to display magazines of a similar subject matter next to it.