Here are some retail tips for you?


Here are five retail tips, which I hope are of use.


1) Customers are more attracted to stock in the middle of a shelf, then they the tend to look at the right side and lastly on the left side.

So put your best sellers in the middle of the shelf, make your way to the right and then fill up the left with the losers.

2) People aren’t very good at judging changes in size so when you make something bigger, people underestimate how much more it is. This happens because, when we estimate the size of an object, we tend to add instead of multiplying the changes in size.

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So make the stock longer or taller rather than rounded.

3) Cooler temperatures indoors leads people to making more emotional decisions.

This could explain why expensive shops always seem to have their air-conditioning turned up.


4) People spend more money in shops with blue interiors over shops with orange.

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The article also goes into soft lighting, which can help too.

5) Merchandise behind glass or in hard-to-reach places do not sell as well as stock, which is more accessible. People like to touch.

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This, however, will be a real problem if that stock item is frequently stolen.


As I said, I hope this help.