End of independent magazine circulation audit system (ABC)???

It looks like we are seeing the end of our quarterly independant magazine circulation audit (ABC). I suspect because it has been reporting news like this for 10 years?

It's a shame as for years; their figures have been the standard that industry has used because it was seen as independent and validated. Although I did hear complaints about it, most people in the industry sellers of magazines, advertisers and data miners like me used it. A few days ago Bauer Media, which is the largest magazine publisher in Australia, pulled out, now News Corp pulled out on Monday, which means they have only Pacific is left to audit.

That leaves us with just readership figures from Roy Morgan Research as the only independent measure, and I doubt that many people care about that figure, there is a big difference between a buyer and a reader?

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Update: 22/12/2016

Pacific Magazines has now withdrawn from the Audited Media Association of Australia too, so now there are no independent and validated magazine circulation audits, I wonder what the advertisers will think about that? Click here for details.