Electronic scales

If you sell or handle items by weight, for example, you sell groceries, etc. you sell or handle items by weight, and so you can speed up your processing in our point of sale system by integrate directly with an electronic POS Scale.

There are many advantages to doing this, here are some in no particular order.

- There is no reason for price embedded barcodes. Not having these will give you flexibility when selling plus it also makes it easier to change prices.

- It is faster as there is no double handling. At present, what you probably do is weigh out the items and then manually type it into the computer.

- As your client moves through the shop, each weighing can be stored in a held transaction so saving time at the end, only one weighing required.

- All the information is clearly displayed on the receipt unlike now.

- The information is stored on the computer for future reference.

- Cost as you automatically get a top of the range scale with functions only available on very expensive scales.

- The information can be shown on the clients' double display, so showing them all the details about the transaction while it's being done.

- Fewer mistakes as no double handling

- Goverment certification of weighing as our scales are certified by the National Measurement Institute

All our scales integrate seamlessly.

Once you get it, you are going to love it. If you want to know more let me know.