Easy tip to have or increase Greeting Card sales


Every inch of your store, including the front counter, should be utilised to its full potential as a retailer. Your greeting card sales can increase by being displayed there. So increase sales by having a small stand for greeting cards at the front counter. This makes it easy for people in your shop to add cards to their purchases.

Why have a greeting card stand for the front counter?

The front counter is a region that all clients visit while buying. It is the most profitable and marketable place in the shop. Customers often wait and look around to see what else you offer. A card is a great addon to buy with many goods. By doing this, you are making it simple for your customers to buy your greeting cards.

Which Cards Should Go in this Stand?

It is only a small stand. You may have many cards in another part of the shop, but most have not selected them so you are giving them a second chance to buy a card. To do that you must ensure that the cards you offer are suitable for impulsive purchases. So it would be best if you were careful here what to offer.


Birthday cards account for approximately 60% of all card sales, so they go on the stand. They have many designs ranging from lighthearted, humorous, sentimental and sincere so you can include many types.

About 20% of all sales are of seasonal cards, for example, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. Since these cards are only needed at certain times of the year, you must keep replacing them here at the appropriate times.

The remaining categories, such as sympathy, wedding, and thank-you cards, individually they make up less than 5% of sales each. Maybe consider including a few generic all-purpose cards, such as congratulations or thinking of you cards, that can be used for many occasions instead.

How to Install Your Stand Installing a stand for your greeting cards.

This is simple and requires little investment. You'll need a little presentation stand. Card companies can often provide this to you for free or at a nominal cost. If not, you can get one on eBay.

Using the stand.

Now you will need to arrange your cards once you have your stand. The most crucial factor is ensuring customers can see and grab them while standing at the front counter since it is an impulsive sale. Bunch cards by type and ensure that every type is clearly shown. Use signage to emphasise the types on offer. Now make sure your stand is clean and well-kept. Most of my clients sell quality items and should be treated with respect. Restock your cards frequently and cut any that aren't selling well. This will guarantee that your customers will always find your stand appealing and up-to-date.

Using Sales Reports to Improve Your Stand.

It's essential to keep track of your sales and use this data to improve your stand to determine which cards are selling well and which aren't. Use your sales reports. You only want your top-selling cards here. Using this information, you'll be better able to choose which cards to include in your stand. The report that can quickly give you your top sellers. Go to the top N stock report, which you can find in the register reports here.

Top selling report

We then put in a period. As a rule, I suggest running this report monthly for this, so select the last 4 weeks. Now you will have your list of cards nicely ordered by quantity, profit and sales.



> A greeting card stand at the front counter can help boost profits and impulsive purchases.


> Since birthday cards sell 60% of all cards, they should be on the stand.

Christmas and Valentine's Day cards, as well as other seasonal ones, ought to be included and changed as necessary.


> Make use of a presentation stand. Mark the cards by type so that they are simple to see.


> Remove any cards that aren't selling well


> Keep the stand clean and well-stocked.


> Adjust the stand based on the results of sales reports to determine which cards are selling well and which aren't.


Give it a go!

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