DOS users and HWT in Victoria


This is not POS Solution's problem but a problem for people who use other systems.

Anyway what we are seeing is to quote Josh Billings “There are people so addicted to exaggeration they can't tell the truth without lying.” So therefore I have put together some FAQ type questions to answer questions on what the HWT latest compliance requirement means.

Q: If I do not have a contract with HWT in Victoria am I affected?
A: No.

Q: If I do not do HWT deliveries am I affected?
A: No.

Q: What exactly is the problem that HWT sees that caused this issue?
A: HWT has a project which involves collecting and overseeing its subscribers, to complete this project they need the newsagents subscription data weekly. Many newsagents despite frequent requests by HWT have not been sending this data. HWT now feels the solution is an automated method using broadband to process and send the data.

Q: Are only DOS users affected?
A: No. My understanding is that any newsagency that is not sending subscription data automatically is effected. The ruling now is that newsagents must be sending this information automatically by the end of June 2008.

Q: What is HWT terms for those people that are effected?
A: My understanding is that until March 2008, HWT will offer any affected newsagency up to $10,000 interest free loan for 12 months to pay for anything to fix this problem. After March 2008, if they do not comply it would be nearly impossible to sell a newsagency as HWT will not approve the software at transfer. Then after June 2008, HWT intends to take action against newsagency using clauses in the existing contracts.

Q: Are only POS Solutions clients affected?
A: No. Although most of newsagents on the HWT list are POS Solution's clients there are at least two other software vendors substantially affected as well.

If you use one of the vendors which has clients affected maybe you should ask yourselves where will my software be in a few years if say lynx takes off.

Q: What does POS Solutions intend to do about this problem?
A: We intend to upgrade our software so users will have the feature that HWT require.

Q: Will I need to upgrade any extras?
A: There maybe some equipment cost as HWT requirements include broadband. For this we would suggest a computer with at least Windows 2000. Although we have not done any tests we expect that for many Bill Expresses broadband should do. This is free.

For some old computers systems we may need to do a site inspection to see what is required.

Q: I am affected but I am not a POS Solutions client what will happen to me?
A: You need to get a new system. From what I have been told there will be no easy solution for you.

As I stated before this is not POS Solution's clients' problem but a problem for people on other systems.

Having said that I would like to invite you to look at our software and find out why I believe it is the best on the market.

An information sheet is available here.

If you did not want to go windows then we could supply you with an approved DOS system too. One that is I believe the second only to posbrowser in power and speed. It can and does handle a newsagency with extremely fast response rates of ten cash registers, a 1000 home deliveries and 50 subagents, with more analysis and reports that you have ever seen.

Plus we are now the only ones that can provide you with an upgrade path from DOS to windows if in the future you were forced or just decided to upgrade to windows.