Round cards

For quiet some time we have had requests for a status bar when printing round cards instead of those few scary moments waiting to see if your rounds are going to print properly. You know what I mean, in the past when you clicked on print rounds you had to wait for them to appear on screen without any indication of what the computer was doing. This led a lot of people to believe that nothing was happening and Pos browser had crashed. This thought was always reinforced by the fact that while waiting for the rounds to print the rest of Pos browser was not accessible. Now when you click on print rounds you will find a clear display of exactly what the system is doing so you know that things are running smoothly while the system calculates the rounds.

Also you will notice that they run much faster.

If you don't have this new feature yet make sure your automatic updates are working by checking the program updates tab on the welcome document. If they are not please contact pos support for help with getting things going again.