Date backups

Your information is important.

This morning, an unsupported client, switched on their main computer and it did not start up. The hard drive had died. It usually is an easy fix. Send out a new computer with a system, load up their backup and off they go. Here however to our horror, we discovered that they had no backups. They had not been taking them for almost two years. The last backup we could find was June 2016. So everything has been lost since then. That is virtually all the entire records of the business financial including wage records and point of sale data. It will cost a lot of time and money, plus I am sure a lot of grief and frustration to get this data to a reasonable state. I am sure for many years the lose of this information will be felt.

It should be protected, and in fact, business owners have legal obligations to secure their data.

In this case, it was a hardware failure, but there are many other causes in my experience they include viruses including ransomware, theft (one shop a thief took the computers and all the backups in a box next to it) and laziness.

I strongly recommend having at all times, at least one backup of your information offsite. Make it a point at least once a day taking a backup of your information.