Cyclone Debbie and Disaster Planning


Well we have been busy today because of the calls from Queensland and the flooding there. Every place has its own story.

What it does show is, that although we cannot sometimes avoid disasters, we can with careful planning minimise the damage.

The first point to do to prepare for a disaster is to make a plan now of how you will respond to a numbers of disaster threats for example floods, fire, theft, no electricity, etc. Your disaster recovery plan does not need to be overly complicated. What you want is something simple, useful and available.

Run though a few scenarios, say you do not have the Internet now what happens. With one client who had an offline backups stored overseas, we had to download their data in our office from one of these services and post it up to them.

Say you do not have electricity now what happens? Do you have a spare computer somewhere else you can use? Have you tested that it can do the job?

Above all in computers, do you have backups, backups and backups for your work, including your pos software. If yes, have you tested them?