Customer analysing in shops 2014


Currently, we have been rather busy on our new computer vision system. What it does is take your footage from security cameras and our point-of-sale system and does automatic analysing in shops both in the shop itself and at the point of sale. This gives you among other things, the percentage of pedestrian traffic entering your store, which is probably a necessity if you wish to test a discount voucher system. It also gives you demographics information such as sex, age and even behaviour.

We are currently working on adding A/B testing for retail displays, path tracking through premises and customer/product interaction monitoring.

We are starting on theft analysis module, but the full version of this will not be available in the immediate future as it is proving to be the most challenging functionality we are facing. It will be a separate module. One of the problems here, for example, is imagine how difficult it is to detect stolen items. We need first to set up a video history as we are not looking for the presence of an object but looking for its absence.

In view of the direct integration into the point-of-sale system, I see this product as deeply applicable to the pharmacy and newsagency shops.

If you are interested please let me know.