Offer to share data withdrawn

This offer was made by Mark Fletcher in this blog site and also in his own website on Discount Vouchers stated.

I published what I published on the newsagency blog as a newsagent to share the results I am seeing. I did so in the knowledge that you claim to have the vouchers too.

Pick your most successful Lucky Charm store running your points based program and lets compare publicly.

Well, I did not have to pick a Lucky Charm shop as Lucky Charm are very proud of their VIP system. Both Lucky Charm head office and one of their members Cris jumped in quoting figures.

So I then requested that Mark as he agreed to share his data. The offer to share data was suddenly rejected. I was stunned. My first thought was if it is as good as you say, "Why not release the data?" If people do not see this data, they will start asking questions.

So before the questions start, I want to say it is not Lucky Charm and its not me.

So I am publishing here a correction to say that this offer by Mark Fletcher to share his data publicly for comparison purposes is withdrawn.