Creating images for your shop


If you are thinking of marketing your retail shop online using social media such as Facebook, what you will need is a good camera and a decent graphic designer software.


As you will need to produce pictures like this regularly.

The camera is not a problem as most of the newer mobile phones can currently produce images so well that today several renowned photographers almost exclusively use smartphones, so it should be good enough.

A decent graphic design software will take some learning. There are some quite good apps available from the smartphones. One I like is quite simple to use Snapseed which is free takes about an hour to master and it does a decent job. The Rolls-Royce is photoshop which has plans starting from $12/month. It does a brilliant job but does require about a week of solid work to learn.

For most of my people, I would imagine that Snapseed is good enough. If asked I would suggest that you use something like it for a while, and if you feel you need something better at least you have an idea of what you need.

You get quite a lot of options so it would be worthwhile experimenting as you go along. Once you do this you are on the way to being a graphic designer for your shop.

The image here, by the way, took me less than three minutes to make. Once you know what you are doing it, does not take long.