COVIDSafe app



The Australian government has just released its COVIDSafe app whose aim is to assist with the process of identifying those who may have been exposed to COVID-19 so we can take measures to help stop the spread of the disease.

It aims to speed up the process of identifying people who have been in close contact with someone diagnosed, quickly stopping the further spread.

Details and download links are available here.

I admit that there are ongoing concerns about the privacy of those using this app, considering how badly the government has treated our privacy online, I doubt this issue is that important and with the dangers of COVID-19, I think we have to get our priorities right.  So I recommend that you get it and request that every one of your staff get it as it may help. 

People with Android smartphones should have no problems, but users of iPhones on low power mode may have issues. If you use an iPhone on low power mode, you may need to turn this mode off while in public if you wish to use this app.  Google and Apple are working on a better app, but it's not ready for release yet, so this app is the best we have now.



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