Countdown to Christmas - 75 days and counting.


Christmas - 75 days and counting.

Retailers need to plan for the coming season more than any other Christmas because this one will be tough. With retail sales currently up and after more than two years of Covid, Australians want a Christmas to reconnect with friends and family, so one expects that the public will be looking to buy but....

Three big problems need to address now:

) We have a mess of current supply available. You need to review whether you will have an adequate supply for Christmas better, check with your suppliers and get your orders in now. A survey stated that 30% of shoppers say they now planning to start shopping.
) The delivery crisis is improving in Australia, but overseas, if you import, there are real problems, particularly from China. 
) Then there is the other problem of getting enough staff. Plenty are now looking to try and find it. One can expect that getting enough Christmas casuals will be difficult.
I think we can expect that as a result of the pandemic, the public, having gotten used to planning early, will start buying soon for the festivities like last year, and it will happen this year. 

Here is a quick way for you to start the process of planning.

Go to register reports and select the top stock report, marked with the red arrow.


You get this screen

Now I suggest you work by the department as it makes it easier to think about similar products.

Look at the red arrows, as these items need to change for the coming Christmas. Out dates for 2019 pre-covid and 100 items as after 100, it is rarely worth worrying about.

Then you will get a report like this.


Now you need to examine this list to see what did sell. You may find many items that did not sell; you may want to explore these too.

I suggest doing the same analysis for last year as it will give you an extra comparison.

You now have a list of items that did sell over this period in your shop.


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