Correction to a small newsagency system offer as reported by a competitor


A competitor has just released an announcement about their small newsagency system offering which indirectly refers to us although not mentioning us by name.

Firstly I agree with them about the scanner. we do not recommend a hand-held scanner in the cash register. These hand-held scanners are perfect for the back-office say for magazine returns and customer statements but not retail. So we always offer and recommend a hands-free laser scanner for the counter. It is rare that people do not take this offer.

Point 1: Our standard small newsagency system includes a hands-free laser scanner.

We offer our clients’ on-site manufacturer’s warranty on computers too. It is not free. Often we can offer you computers cheaper, without such warranties. Also, I think they oversell it as they come with heaps of conditions which vary between suppliers. It is important if you intend to take a manufacturer's warranty that you read their conditions first. 

Some point to note while reading their warranties is they generally are from three to five years. These conditions change over time, so the first year might be labour and parts, the second only parts. So in the second year, you will pay for the engineer time of travel as well as the time in the shop to fix it on-site. This can be expensive.

Also, these companies can be expensive for a free warranty. For example, one client called one when a computer did not work. They traced the problem to a wrong driver that the newsagent installed when he brought a new printer. So the repair company said it was misuse and sent the newsagency, a large bill for a non-support urgent job.

Another issue is many are the next day. Say the computer breaks down on Thursday night. You will not be able to register it for a support call till Friday morning when you will talk to their technicians and then if they decide to send someone it will be Monday. If say it was Friday evening they come on Tuesday, if Monday they come on Wednesday and so on. You should find out exactly what next day means.

Other problems I have with them are they are ruthless on support. Say a hard disk breaks, they will replace the hard drive but they do not reload the software. So you have a computer that needs a new installation.

Point 2: Our standard small newsagency system includes an on-site manufacturer’s warranties too generally for three to five years.

As far as product preset buttons in our cash register, with us, there are no limits.

Point 3: We have no limitation on the number of product preset buttons in our cash register.

I agree computer is much faster and accurate with touch than a physical computer keyboard or mouse. Much of our system has our own preset computer keyboard and mouse inbuilt. Some software providers claim to have touch but it is only in a few places like the cash register and even then it is restricted, so I agree you should be wary of these claims. Check that they provide complete touch before continuing otherwise you will have a computer which can be used fast in a small section. Note I am sure if you compare our touch to others, you will find their wanting.

Point 4: Our system does not need a physical computer keyboard or mouse for any function.