XchangeIT new link

It is official, XChangeIT is shortly closing the old system in December. With the recent troubles, many refused to change to the new version. Shortly they will need to decide either to run with the new system of XChangeIT or stop using it as XChangeIT do not intend to keep running a duplicate system.

XChangeIT had a difficult choice, either to do it now or wait till January. As it was the larger traffic from the Beta tests to the initial roll-out that caused the earlier problems, many had concerns about increasing the traffic by adding more customers so they pushed for January after more testing. However XChangeIT picked now as they are confident the problems are fixed and they think it is everyone benefit that we move now.

I can verify the new XChangeIT system has been stable for almost a month although we have recently had reports from some of our customers that magazine suppliers have not been receiving EDI return forms sent through the new XChangeIT Link. Our programming staff is now working with XChangeIT to find why this is happening. Fortunately our support staff do have a work-around for this issue now.

If anyone wants to discuss any of this with me, or any other issue you are welcome to call me.