Conveyor belt scanning


This is very useful if you have lots of items to scan. It is more accurate than a person and faster.

Here is a video of conveyor belt scanning in operation. All a person had to do was place the items which were tipped straight out of a cart, the items sort of lined themselves up on the belt then we tested it. We could not find a product that it could not scan including cans dripping wet out of the fridge. We were just amazed at the speed that it is counting. The items do not need a barcode to be counted, in fact here we did not use the barcodes at all, and it is reading an item from any angle, it is not lined up.

Click here for another example of it in operation. As you can see it reads it repeatably so its a series of 99% accuracies which add up to incredible accuracy. Even five times 99% will add up to 99.9999% plus.

There is no limit to the number of different items if can count.

If you think that you could use such point of sale software technology and want to know more then please let us know.