Computer Sales have skyrocketed


There is a tremendous increase in computer hardware sold. We have been moving heaps. Here above are some pictures of yesterday.

The big problem is the troubled supply line because of COVID. 

This is partly because of the increase in the tax concessions for computer hardware now available. So now accountants are advising their clients to buy as they can write off more. You can probably write off a lot of money now. 

It is also because new computers are much better than the previous ones. Some of the new AMD ryzen and Intel chips are a qualitative leap in technology. We see a 50% increase in raw speed on benchmarking. This is together with their dramatic price decrease. In a typical retail system, upgrading one computer, the server can increase the systems speed. So if you get one computer, make the old server a new cash register, and you have a more extensive and faster computer system.  

Also what people are doing is moving from the older hard drives to the newer hard drives here that are much faster. It is a low-cost way of increasing your speed.

It is also because of COVID. The lockdowns have forced people to see that they need more than a mobile to meet their technology needs. For example, if you need a home office,  you need a proper computer, large screens and webcams for zoom and printers at home. 

As I said, the biggest problem is the import complications of getting computer hardware into the country. So we have many people just waiting for gear.

If you want to know more give us a call.


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