Cloud from home WIFI problems


We had a problem with one of our clients a few days ago trying to use their laptop at home over WiFi for work.

If this is you then there are two problems that I suggest you look at:

1) Make sure your WiFi modem is close to where you are working. Ideally, it should be in your view, construction, e.g. cupboards, doors, etc. and distance will reduce your WiFi speeds.
2) If your WiFi modem is old, it may need replacement. Technology has moved on. If the modem is fine, but the WiFi needs help, consider instead of a new modem, going to mesh WIFI. You get boxes like this which plugs into your modem and handles the WiFi.

These you place around the shop to improve the WIFI signal, so you tend to get better speeds as well as less dead zones.  Plus you get a more extended range. 


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