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What is often a revelation to our new clients is how much they can save time and money from our rostering system. Unlike many, it unifies rostering into a single platform, permitting you to see your shop’s retail performance as you have never seen it before. It allows you to ensure there are enough employees on-site. What it does is it comes with a forecasting tool that helps you to organise accurate schedules. This ensures you have skilled employees available and shows you when they need to be at work. As it is centralised, it is easy to see who is working at any given time.

One report that I recommend you study while creating a roster is the traffic analysis report by the hour of your shop, which you will find above.

You can find it here.

Put in dates from a previous period that you feel will give you typical results for the roster you are trying to create. Now, you will get a colour-coded analysis showing the activity in the shop divided into four groups with red for the busy period. This graphically shows you when you can expect to be busy.

Why wait? Give it a try now.

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