Cat lovers show 2022


We were invited to attend, so off we went.

It has been a few years since the last show. Although was a sell-out in 2019, I wondered if enough people would come to justify the effort now that some of our clients made for the show. You need many people to justify the halls the size of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Well, it was a sell-out. They stopped selling tickets days before the event. Cat lovers came from everywhere to get their dose of cat-infused happiness. My 11-year-old daughter wanted to go, so they had to sneak her in on my VIP ticket.

The stands were busy alright. It really shows that cats are the second most popular pets in Australia, and cat owners spend on cats. You can now spend quite a bit to get a good Bengal or Sphynx cat. So if someone is looking at improving your gift lines, I would suggest looking into it.

Here are some scenes from the cat lover show. It was huge, and the organisers did an excellent job.


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