Can an employer require an employee to be vaccinated??


This question has been bugging me since yesterday when I got my COVID shot. While there, I started thinking about this question. My clients have many employees that work indoors and have contact with over 300 people daily.   If they have COVID, these people could create a 'perfect storm' by superspreading. 

Still, in the current circumstances, I was advised that most employers should assume that they can't require their employees to be vaccinated against COVID.

This is what the federal government are saying as they are not forcing anyone to take the vaccine. Yet, many state governments are saying something different, as more important here many of the public health bodies. Currently, there have been a few notable legal cases where employers have been allowed to sack staff who refused to take a flu vaccine.  There have also been cases where an employee has sued the employer over lack of care, resulting in them getting COVID.

This pandemic is a reminder that we are all interconnected and no cannot go it alone

As everyone is flat out doing enough vaccines for those that are voluntarily taking it, little is heard about inforcement. But what happens when the number who want it willingly winds down? 

Also what if an employer demands an employee takes a vaccine. The employee then takes it and although most people who are taking the shot report no symptoms, some do report pain, mild fever, headaches, etc. In our company, one guy had to take the next day off due to significant tiredness after taking the jab.

Another potential problem here is that the government wants to do the vaccinations on the employer's premises. What happens here if someone gets sick? Who is responsible here? 

This all is something that needs to be addressed.

Now doctors are worried about this. For example, I had to sign a waiver after a long speech on the possible effects of the shots. Then after I took the COVID shot, they told me to wait for after for about 15 minutes in the doctors' surgery just in case. I was also given a medical certificate for the next day. Plus, I was told several times if I felt anything wrong to call emergency ASAP. The process took over an hour.

Here are some tips if you are taking a COVID shot, from my experience.

1) Do it at the end of the day. If it affects you, you have a night to recover.

2) Plan what to do if you cannot come to work the next day.

3) Do not go with your partner and have the shot together. Instead, do it on different days. 

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