Bill Express at the conference


Although Bill Express did not go to the conference, it is a hot topic for discussion here. I was annoyed that they did not come and I thought that they should have sent someone just to be there. That this did not happen says plenty.

From what I heard the three most likely scenarios are.

Bill Express continues.

Say the amount owing is not as large as some have said and the creditors give them a chance to work it out. For us in this scenario, it will be back to normal.

Bill Express is taken over

In this scenario, although the company is gone, the assets of the company still function. Why not? This company was producing six million dollars a year, if it seems like it can keep it up then it is worth a lot. The assets are still there for example in many newsagencies now, Bill Express (except for Optus) is doing well. Here another organization would run Bill Express. Furthermore, if say the ANZ took over Bill Express, then it might be better for newsagents.

Another possibility here is the creditors put in an administrator to run the company.

In this scenario, Bill Express for us would keep going the way they are now.

Bill Express disappears

This scenario is certainly possible. Although I doubt quickly. Creditors rarely move quickly, for example, MFS which was associated with VANA is now been given some more time. The other possibility here is that Bill Express imploded something that just does not seem to be happening. From what I can see most of the people are still there and their software development seems to be continuing as usual. These are hardly signs of a company about to go.

I do expect soon like a week, we will know the answer to what is happening. But my gut feeling is that Bill Express terminals, in the short-term will continue to work as they are now and probably for quite a while after that.

At the moment, all we can do is stay tuned for more details.