ANF Ball

2007 ball was spectacular. They had models all dressed up as in Mozart's time. The decoration and the extras were all very special. So I confess that was a letdown as I was hoping they could top 2007's.

But it was a great night out. Victoria did very well on the awards. As the tables were by state, I was on a Victorian table so I could hear everyone cheering their friends along. Then they went crashing past me to meet the happy winners. You could see it when I congratulated the winner Tracey, she was crying for joy.

On a personal note since one of my competitors left the conference early, I did not have to avoid him at the ball. It made it much easier for me as I could just freely mingle.

The music was brilliant. I saw that GG personnel are not just good with technology but they are also stars on the dance floor. I thanked them for their efforts this year as they have been in technology, the best so now are way ahead of any other magazine distributor.

I also had a ball meeting my clients. Some who I never seen although I talk to them regularly on the phone and email. I got many good ideas from them. Although to some I did go too far talking shop, it was not that I was trying to sell stuff but just that I am really keen on some of the new technologies we are doing now. Some item just promise to be really special in such diverse fields like basic newsagency functions, security cameras now fully integrated not just single dimensional like some, bill pay integration and Eftpos. Yesterday my programmers told me that Eftpos speed is now faster still. It is coming in about three seconds. That is as fast as a cashdraw. I confess I am really enjoying doing this stuff. Our new version of the software is going to be just beautiful at a level no-one has ever seen before.

It was also good to meet many industry suppliers. Typically you need to make an appointment and go on a time, to meet them. It can be slow. Here you can meet them one after another it is just much faster and better. The conversation often went like this “I was looking in my diary last year and here you can see that .... Well it is now a year later and ......” To be fair, none of these problems can be resolved at the conference but at least, we can meet people that can help make the decisions.

Also it was a great night at the bar later. Shame it closed at 2:00am. Because we all could have kept on going.