Bill Express


We had a meeting today with Bill Express. They came because they knew that we needed to be briefed. Unfortunately I cannot blog much about it. Yet they clearly have some fantastic plans and new extensions to their product lines.

I still think that they will remain the major Bill Payment supplier in the newsagency industry. No-one else has the critical mass. Despite what some are saying, in my experience almost all newsagents are still using them unless they have E-pay and E-pay admits that they are too busy with Coles and Safeway to worry about newsagents.

So although I would be the first to agree that newsagents were hurt, I do not see an alternative for almost all newsagents. I do not know if it makes many of the upset newsagents feel better to tell them that you are not the only ones hurt. There are your clients who depended on you, now you look bad and it is not your fault. We did months of program development for Bill Express now just sitting uselessly and unused. Then there are the really big losers ANZ bank, Optus, and Vodafone.

But it is gone and we need to look to the future! That was the purpose of the meeting.