Big Data is a Game Changer In Point of sale

The fact is give people more information and they are often able to increase the efficiency of their business.

What big data is, is the use of information from inside and outside an organisation that is analysed. This can include everything, including information dragged from the net like weather reports, google searches and then putting it together with your stock sales to discover sales patterns and customer relationships. It has proven useful to retailers looking forward to improving business efficiency and performance. As our software is becoming here larger and more diverse, the analysis of this information is leading to better understanding of what is happening in the shop. This type of information is changing the world.

If you want to see what big data has to say about your shop, we are accepting more applications now so if you want to join in the trials let me know. Its experimental and it's something that no-one else in our marketplace is offering.

We think Big Data is a game changer because it is cultural shift, computers do not think like people. They connect information in a different way and as a result come up with unusual answers to what people do.

Currently we use it inhouse for budgeting, rostering, monitoring support, doing long term planning and checking our KPIs and it has transformed our business. What I have noticed is that computers are quite blunt. If something is not working, well it tells you clearly. What is refreshing is it has no sentiment or no hidden agenda?

It you want to give it a try; you need at least five (5) years of history with our POS software, and you will need to let me know. Once you are hooked on Big Data, you do not want to stop.

Note it takes about a few weeks for me to do each of these analysis as we need to run the information though our preprocessor, run it many times with a data mining software on a very powerful computer.