Amazon's arrival will jolt Australian retail.




Amazon has announced that they are coming to Australia with physical shop and distribution centres in 2017 in every state. I am sure they are going to be strong competition. They already have an established retail base in Australia, which reading the comments at the moment on twitter are looking forward to Amazon coming. They expect soon to have access to more products that Amazon do not ship to Australia.

Once here Amazon intends like in England to expand into a whole range of products, including groceries. The farmers now are complaining about many of the margins Coles and Woolworth offer; I wonder what they are going to say when they see Amazon's margins? A friend who wrote a book, told me that they sell a lot, but they really cut her royalty payments down.

The fact is that Amazon with its huge buying power; its stress on on-line and first-rate delivery services will pose a unique challenge to the Australian retail business model. Will an Australian shop without an online POS Software presence be viable soon?

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