Become a Rockstar in sales Graphs


Retail today is about pursuing information-driven decision making. Working by guesses and feelings puts you at a disadvantage over your competitors. They are working with exact information. Large organisations often display sales graphs on how they are going at their monthly meetings. This is because it is a great way to show information.

In our Pos Software, the graphs about your business are there.

Let me show you an example from a shop where I will use two years to give you a long term trend and a seasonal view.

This is a two-year graph of their toy sales.

As you can see, something was done right in October. Plus, the outlook for this department looks good. You can also see that the sales figures vary greatly month to month.


This is a graph of sales of their dry cleaning agency in the shop over the same period.


We can all see that something is NOT going well here. The trend is down. Interestingly the monthly swings are much less 

Now you have had a taste for graphs why not try it now in your shop?

Let us use it so lets us start our excursion into the universe of graphs.

Go to register reports > Sales-Register > Dissection Monthly Sales Trend (Graph)

First, make the overall shop sales to show how your shop is travelling. So pick the last 24 months.

Now select individual departments and start looking at them.

) Examine the trends.

) The seasonality of the department.

) Think about why they are happening,

) Discuss these graphs with other people in the shop.

Take your time as each graph has a story.

Also, remember that these graphs are adaptable. You can change many of the details. We will discuss this in a future post.


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