Barcode scanning


Here are seven tips to improve your barcode scanning rates at the point of sale.

Experiment with your scanner what height it reads best the barcodes that you use. This will vary depending on what barcodes you use and your barcode reader. Take a few items, try and scan them and see what works best.

Try if possible to avoid scanning the barcodes in places with bright lights eg outside on a sunny day and clients of mine in a bar have reported problems with the lights flashing in the bar. What you want is a low steady continuous light.

Make a convention in your shop where you are going to stick the barcode, front, top, back, etc and try to stick with it and if possible this will save people having to hunt for the barcode.

Try an put the barcode straight, as well as making it less of an eyesore, sometimes not having the barcode straight can cause problems to a scanner to read the barcode.

Try and avoid putting barcodes on shiny objects, for example, a product like this when scanned as the light will reflect back into the scanner can cause problems. 

Cleaning your barcode scanner and printer can help a lot. A rag and some cleaning material can often do wonders.

Remember dirty or wet barcodes or barcodes with staples are not good for scanning. 


Note: A better printer and barcode scanner can help too. 

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