Another failure of manual entry


It is now starting to go public about a faulty price adjustment for magazines by a competitor to us. I am not going to name anybody.

What happened is a magazine distributor issued a price adjustment, a software supplier trying to do the right thing made an advice sheet; however, it is being claimed now that this advice was faulty for their software so the claim is that they did not test it properly. As such their users had a mucked up magazine price. However, the software supplier probably quite rightly stated that it was their users who mucked it up not them. The fact that many of their users did not have a problem suggests that this is true.

Neither situation can happen with our system as we do use automatic price adjustments so our price adjustments are done automatically. If like us, this company had used automatic prices rises their users like ours would have had no problems, in fact, few of our users probably knew a price adjustment had occurred until they started to sell the magazine.

I would strongly suggest that if you are looking to purchase a software system, make sure they have automatic price adjustments like ours does.

Automatic adjustments = Work smart + Work fast.