Amazon employees tested for Body Temperature


From Sunday, March 29, Amazon began temperature tests on its employees and support staff are healthy when they arrive at work.

Anyone over the CDC-recommended 38 degrees was asked to return home and to come back to work after they’ve gone three days without a fever.

They are now rolling it out to all their employees.


It is a good idea if it works. One problem is that many people can read over 38 degrees and not have the virus but in the absence of any proper tests, it may be better than nothing.

I know many people are testing their temperature regularly now so it may work.

If this experiment works out, then we may be looking at introducing it in Australia.

What would be required for a business would be a contactless one like this one. The cheapest one I saw on eBay was about $50 with a month delivery time. 

One idea is that currently, most chemists provide free blood pressure tests maybe they could provide free body temperature measurements too as a service. 


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