Accept cash, EFTPOS, direct debit and more fast


EFTPOS,Our point of sale software is designed to handle all types of payment fast. You can set up fully customised buttons to accept a wide variety of different payment methods, eg cash, EFTPOS, cheques, bank deposit, etc.

You can even accept split payments, where some go with one payment type and the rest with other types all simply and securely.

We also allow you to accept Part Payment, Advance payments and Overpayments.

One point that some people have asked is can they refuse to accept in some payment methods in some circumstances. The answer appears to be YES as long as it is specified before the debt is incurred. For example, if you have a sign that we accept EFTPOS and I go to pay to pay with EFTPOS you must receive it unless you explicitly state the conditions that you will not allow it e.g. for Lotto payments. The sole exception is cash. You must clearly say in advance if you do not want to accept cash.

But this is a legal problem, not a software issue. 

These payment types are set up with rules in the Dissection maintenance, where you can set up exactly as you require it for single touch transactions including surcharges.





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