98% of All WannaCry Victims Were Using Windows 7

Kaspersky Lab on Friday showed that over 98% of all documented WannaCry infections were running versions of the Windows 7 operating systems. We are not sure whether it is WannaCry, but a computer was examined by our engineering department on Friday with the most incredible virus; we have ever seen. It was on a Window 7 computer. Avast was up to date and said it was protecting the computer. The Avast software could do a quick search for virus, and it showed nothing. It could not however run a full scan. What alerted the operator that something was wrong was when he followed my advice and tried to run Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware and it did not allow this software to run. Then when he tried to run a competitors antivirus software, the computer crashed. We have never before seen such a sophisticated virus. Whether its WannaCry we do not know as yet but its a strong possibility which means it is in our marketspace.

Since now AVG and Avast are the same, I would say any user of either of these products is at risk.

Please follow my advise and try to run Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware and check your computer, particularly if you are on Windows 7. If Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware is deleted immediately after running you are infected.

Update: After spending much of the weekend on this computer, we have not been able to determine what this computer is infected as it is clearly something quite phenomenal. The information has been sent to Avast. However, as the client needs his computer back, we are totally deleting everything and installing it as Windows 10 computer.