7-Eleven mulling Bill Express bid


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After Bill Express went down, I spoke to the administrator about buying some of the software assets of Bill Express. They were nice enough, but clearly were hiding something and told me I would just have to wait. They did not tell me 7-Eleven had wrapped it up already. You can read about it here.

Now, say 7-Eleven were to buy the assets of Bill Express; they stated that they are interested in restarting the network of 14,000 terminals across the country. If so, that could be good news for newsagents. Technically there was nothing wrong with Bill Express bill payment. It was the leases people were complaining about. Plus, towards the end, Bill Express talked about introducing some good products into the mix. If these projects continue, it will make Bill Express systems even better.

One big problem now is who owns the terminals. If the terminals are out, that could be even better news for our clients as we do not need the terminals. We can do it through the software on the computer.

I certainly have no problem with another player in the Bill Payment system in competition for newsagents business.