The last day of the GNS Melbourne Trade show 2008


Yesterday was the last day of the show and here below, are some scenes from the show from our stall.

My first impressions were the show numbers were about the same as last year. Then that many suppliers did not show up such as Fairfax and the magazine companies.

The stall holders had fewer items that were fascinating but not relevant, like the Staedtler who last year set up an old factory like it was about 500 years ago where they made pencils like they used too. Now they just concentrated on product. I could see the show deals offered were better than last year. It probably worked as several stall holders reported the orders were up on last year.

To a supplier like us, the costs of coming are considerable. As about half the people are already our clients, we came out with support staff to help them. Of course, what we are hoping for is a few of the other half comes into our stall. So like any other supplier, we came armed with a few show deals to attract them. It will be much later though before we know whether for us enough of these came though for the show to pay its way. Still it was pleasing that our stand was always full and we had people in the corridors waiting to get into the stall. For the number of people, we needed a bigger stand.

Although my presence was not required, as Phil and Garth did such a good job. Still, I like to come to meet my clients. If they have an issue, I think they also appreciate that the director of the company is there and available to talk to them.