If you want to upgrade to Windows 10

Many of you are now getting messages to register to upgrade to Windows 10. Some of you have asked us about it. It was supposed to become generally available on July 29, 2015, but there is now some doubt about this.

We have tested our software with several of the beta versions that we received from Microsoft. Our software seems to be performing as it should on what we tested it on but we do note that every beta been dramatically different, and we are unsure how the release version will perform.

Furthermore, I personally feel that Microsoft's requirement for memory and storage given its graphic is unrealistically low. I would say any computer you intend to upgrade to Windows 10 should have a minimum RAM of 4 GB and a hard drive of at least 150 GB.

My view is at the moment, if you are entitled to the free update and are planning to switch, register now but wait a while, as you have a year before your free copy expires. Let other people such as us, test the situation first as I am sure just as with previous upgrades of windows, there will be problems as it is still an untried operating system. In the past, the greatest problems have not been Microsoft or our software, but the equipment like the printer and scanner attached to our clients systems. For example the first and second statement printed fine in a laser printer but suddenly 10 pages of half printed statements were printed, or a scanner suddenly no longer worked. The other issue is that this is no minor update. It will take quite a while to do and much will change in your systems. You will need to count on doing some learning. Finally, Microsoft has a 50/50 success rate with operating systems - XP was great. VISTA was a flop. Win7 was brilliant but Win8 is a dog, you could be jumping into a mess.

If you want to learn more, we have prepared an information sheet, click here for details.