Video analytics

Our video security systems are now the largest in our market space; I have listed here some good reasons for this, but today I want to talk about one of the latest enhancements that no-one in our market space has anything like this now.

Here is a person who steps into a room, note the computer identifies them with a code name as a male, who is not smiling. It can of course tell much more information.

Here are a sample of some more details, but there are 100s of pieces of information it can determine about the person.

Once they are in the computer, they can be named, although in practice, it is often person X. To this person can be issued four levels of warning.

1) A warning that they came to the back office, say a salesman Peter is here.

2) If you are not in the shop, an SMS can be sent to you that he has arrived.

3) That a VIP customer is here, that saves money on VIP cards.

4) Every register and the back office can be notified that a banned person (say a known shoplifter) has entered the shop with a message.

This is really advanced technology, which will fundamentally change in a few years retailing.

Let me know if you want to know more.