Tyro $5 a month terminal fee - exclusive to POS Solutions

There is a lot of interest currently in the latest offer exclusive now to POS Solutions clients, which included for $5 a month terminal non-tap and go terminal. This is because of the increased fees of the new pay wave terminals.

What happened is that we were invited being a foundation partner with Tyro since 15 September 2005, we went to see Tyro about partly about their new terminals. See here. They are very impressive. What I like, in particular, is the increased speed and the improved remote support.

We were quite stunned how fast tyro has grown; they now do well over 12,000 merchants and have an annual transactional volume of then more $6. 5B from nothing that is impressive.

While we were there we noticed a few of the non-tap and go terminals. We quickly jumped on them as we knew that many of our clients were complaining about the cost of the wave function as every transaction on the pay wave is a credit card transaction. This greatly increases the cost to the merchant of EFTPOS so much so that many try not to use pay wave. What we asked is if these terminals could be allocated to our clients who feel the EFTPOS transaction costs are getting out of hand. I was quite stunned and pleased when the cost came down to $5 a month. I believe that we now have 30 allocated although a few have already been snapped up. It's a great deal for our clients. The big plus of these terminals is that they can be fully integrated so making them ideal for a second terminal is someone needs them too.

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