Group Sell

Group selling can be one of the most effective ways to generate traffic in your store and generate sales. With our software you can set specials in your store such as multiples of one item for a discounted price, multiple items combined for an advertised price or buy some and get one free so say you could set up a bakers dozen so when your customers buy 12 they can get one free. Here is where you do it.

However, that of course is only the start of what you can do with it once you set up the rules; you could, for example, set up a rule so if customer buys say 5 of a range of stock they could get a different product either at a discount or gift from a selected range of stock. It is extremely flexible.

If you like you can set it up so the customer can buy many separate times and when they reach the desired level. they get the benefit. In a program, particularly effective in coffee shops of ours, people can buy over time 12 coffees, and they will receive the 13th item free. If you want to you can make it more complex still such as “Get 12 coffees and get 20% off 13th coffee between 2pm - 3pm Weekdays and 5% on Weekends between March & June; Valid only if you bring in your physical barcode card”