Discount vouchers debate - the final word for now

If somebody seriously debates, I'm willing to do join in but alternatively if one waffles on and resorts to nitpicking, then this debate is useless.

It's the responsibility of a person making a claim to show if requested exactly what information they have to back up their claim up. If someone said to you "I spoke to a person in UFO who originated from another galaxy." Certainly your reaction if you are being fair is "Just what evidence do you have that you spoke to people from another galaxy? Do you have a photograph, some wayout technology which they left, a piece of unknown element, any such thing?"

The fact is that an offer was made by them to supply the financial information over a year ago; it was accepted and then withdrawn. No-one disputed any of this for over a year. Never did anyone ask for software information. Interestingly enough again they state today "In our own businesses we have the voucher and supporting financial data to prove this. " Emphasis added by me *FINANCIAL*. Fine if you say you have financial data to prove it, let us see it.

I will also note that although I have not asked them recently that others running reward programs I am sure such as the Lucky Charm and Nextra have no problem releasing figures and franchise names to contact that use it. Neither do any independents, I know.