ABC: Newspaper and magazine sales down across the board

I was looking through the current ABC circulation report comparing the Oct-Dec 2014 with Oct-Dec 2013 for newspapers and magazines.

Here are a few points I picked up.

On page one, newspapers compared to last year, are about 8% down, NSW was hit slightly harder than everywhere else mainly because of Fairfax.

If you look at the list on page 7, you notice the newspapers are broken down into three groups, print only, digital only and print/digital. I would suggest that few that take print/digital option are doing it for the digital. It's being taken up as a special offer. If you add up the print and print/digital it's clear that most people prefer print, although digital is slowly increasing. Clearly it is not easy for the publishers to get people from print to digital.

In magazines, probably because it is six months figures follow the Jan-Jun 2014 figures then the July-Dec 2013 figures. Pacific is doing better then Bauer. The categories of Mass women’s, Women’s lifestyle & fashion and Health & family are doing better then most.

You can find a good analysis here plus the original ABC report with the figures. Make your own mind up.