Less work for POS Solutions' clients

We were thinking now the holiday season is approaching how years ago we used to do was issue information sheets for public holidays because of price changes and stops in publications. This was frustrating and repetitive work. The sheets had to be written up carefully. This was then sent out to clients. Then what would happen is clients would be ringing up with last minute questions to go over the procedures. So we would need to explain it over again with many of them over the phone.

It was even worse when our clients had to put it aside until the correct day as sometimes they would lose the information sheets.

Even with detailed instructions, someone would get it wrong, often causing a major disaster. This was not the way computer is supposed to be. They are supposed to make life easier.

Then we introduced scripting. Just like the automatic updates for the software that everyone loves so much, as it saves so much time now when a newspaper price rise, bumper editions and more these are almost all done automatically! The user needs to do nothing! This is a terrific time saver for our clients.

So once set up, our system automatically for many public holidays, it sets the stops and starts for your customers for bumper editions, change paper prices according to the supplier's releases and will also set any papers that will be stopped on public holidays with stop/start dates!

There is no work for our clients so making their life much easier.

Nothing like smart software.