Lack of communication from Fairfax with newspapers…

Newsagents were ringing us up today from both NSW and Victoria as many of the Fairfax newspapers did not arrive.

From what I can gather, the problem appears to be that their data center in NSW went down because of power problems despite it having an emergency generator. I wonder if their data center was tested properly as one point a tester of a data center should test is what happens when the power goes off.

Fairfax certainly did not do everything possible to manage the situation today as many who should have known about it were not notified. What they should have is an emergency list of emails so that if something like this happens newsagents, subscribers, business partners like us, etc are notified. As it was many newsagents did not know about it till they noticed that the newspapers was late and we did not realise the extent till newsagents did start to call.