Now at the Lucky Charm Rewards system

Lucky Charm now has about 32 shops on the reward's cards.

On the 23/September, they had 25,000 VIP members.
On the 29/September they had 30,000 members.
Now it is about 43,000 members.

That 43% growth rate this month, is much higher than we expected. The only way we can explain it, is that people who were not customers of these newsagencies are joining the Lucky Charm VIP club.

And they are using it. These VIP accounts are currently purchasing at these Lucky Charm newsagents about 5,000 items a day.

To answer a question, I am getting asked frequently. These are clearly NOT just regular customers doing their regular purchases at these newsagencies. Many of them are new customers plus they are buying much more.

We are going to release some benchmark figures soon once we finish our analysing.