News Ltd Launches Circulation and Subscription Solution in NSW

News Limited proposed many changes to their subscriptions systems. This required many program changes from us as it was one of the biggest changes in the modelling of subscriptions.

However, despite that, our clients had absolutely nothing to do. All the changes went through automatically into their system. No messy updates after hours. They did not have to come early or late, shut down operations of their system. It is quite amazing. I am sure they had other things to do besides computer maintenance.

It is now up and running and received a nice thanks from News Ltd for our leading commitment in the modernization of the newsagency industry.

We are delighted to announce that our new circulation and subscription solution (DTI Circulation) has successfully launched in NSW.

Thank you for making your system updates available to newsagents so they can implement the change.

We are excited by the opportunities DTI Circulation brings and the greater efficiency we will all see as a result.

Thank you for your support and your ongoing commitment.

Ida AthertonGroup Technology Manager - Circulation and SubscriptionsNews Limited