XChangeIT fees going up for some users

There has been considerable debate recently when several newsagents had their XChangeIT fees raised.

For those that have not been following the debate let me explain. XChangeIT was developed as a two way transfer of information. Invoices would be sent to newsagents and sales data back the other way. The value of the sales data would be used to subsidize the cost of sending the invoices electronically.

For the sales data to be correct, it requires that the newsagent have an up to date copy of their point of sale software, and that they scan their magazines and John Sands cards at the register.

Currently, newsagents’ sales data is not highly regarded in industry as unlike supermarkets it is not very accurate and this inaccurate sales data by newsagents has given the supermarkets a powerful weapon against newsagencies in the marketplace.

Up to recently XChangeIT have only threatened to raise their fees for newsagents who do not send correct sales data so many no longer believed that XChangeIT would do anything. If you believe this, you are wrong. Several newsagents are now receiving bills for higher fees. These bills are retrospective, so they are being charged extra on previous bills too.

Please do not think that XChangeIT is bluffing. Make sure you are scanning magazines and John Sands cards if you sell them and make sure you are sending data. If you have any queries, please contact XChangeIT here and ask for a status report.

Note none of this applies to DOS users of our software.