Magazine sell thru rates %

Part of what our software can do is it can provide detailed sales reports that can allow you to make changes to improve sales and so have better better inventory management.

Magazine sell thru rates%

These are typical sell thru percentage for magazines in newsagencies over the past few years. I selected one in the suburbs, one in a shopping centre and one in the country.

I suspect the reason that the shopping centre sell thru rates is better is partly because they decided to take more charge of the magazine supply and partly as much of the data magazine companies are using is from supermarkets, so the magazine companies are better at predicting sales for newsagencies in shopping centres.

Looking at the graph there is good and bad news. The bad news is that there is a disturbing trend in that magazine sell thru rates in the past few years, has gone down. The good news is as the shopping centre example shows, newsagents can by taking control do something about it.