Magazine missing return credits

I had a discussion today with a client. What had happened is the issue code for some of the magazines were blank so the EDI return was rejected.

The cause of the problem was using their old system when the XChangeIT invoices did not arrive on time, they manually entered in the invoice but they did not enter the issue code. What we did is got the issue codes for them and put them in.

However our software has a function to stop this from happening.

Please do the following

-> Creditors
-> Creditor Maintenance
-> Calling up your creditor say G&G;
-> Going to the Purchasing Tab
-> Clicking Edit
-> Click the option "When invoicing, must always supply issue/extra info"
-> click save.

Now if anyone invoices for this creditor and they forget to enter information in the extra description field. They will get a message to enter the issue code.